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Adventures and service in Peru

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the WAY

Enjoying the Lopez Family’s Christmas Decor here in Peru before going to the States for the Holidays.

Because giving is better than receiving…

Finals are done. Medical students across the world are entering their few weeks of Christmas break aspiring for long hours of sleep, smiles with family and hours at the gym (attempting no longer to acquire muscle tone but to diminish the accumulated adipose tissue….). But what are we doing to give?! All the activities thus…

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Finals and Smiles :)

Mark Twain stated once “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” As college students world wide entire final exams, all I have to say is, Laugh! Laugh until your sides hurt, and until you can not grasp another breath. Laugh until you chronically get the hiccups and your mouth…

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I think I can…I think I can…

So these last couple days have been pretty much insane. We are down to the final 3 weeks of the semester and med school couldn’t seem any harder. But yesterday, a good friend of mine reminded me of the importance to ENJOY THE JOURNEY. Enjoying being exactly where you are is one of the great…

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Daddy’s Princess and Mommy’s Queen

My father taught me to love, forgive, to listen and have faith. He emits wisdom and peaceful Joy where ever he goes. But more than anything he taught me to value myself. I am his princess and proud of it. My mother taught me determination, perseverance, and faith. She gave me a certain degree of…

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Adorable Baby!

Little Zoe Milagros Lopez makes me want to be around babies ! She is precious! And her mom, Pastor Kathryn Lopez, is one of my best friends as well as the example of the type of woman I hope to be someday

Early Christmas Present?!

Hey-OH! Apparently my parents have given me an early Christmas present. I am going to California for Christmas! Wow, this has not happened in years. I must admit though, I am emotionally split–euphoric that I will spend the holidays with my siblings and parents, but not at all thrilled to be leaving my new home….

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What’s intelligence even mean?

Dr. Stephen Hawking once stated “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” We live in a constantly evolving world and those who are successful in it are those who can adapt adequately to a myriad of changes. How can we be Intelligent today for the benefit of humanity and/or our community?

Awesome Moment

If more teenagers were like Betsi Saavedra, this world would be radically different. She is 16 has a heart of service and leadership capabilities well beyond her years! It was wonderful to spend some time discussing life plans with her

One of those days…

Today I empathize with King David in Psalm 27 and say “The Lord is my light and salvation–whom shall I fear?” It’s just one of those days where no matter how much we all prepared to prevent it, falling of the cliff was apparently inevitable. It’s time to stand up and keep walking…My peers in…

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